Figuring out where to start

5 Aug

Last night was my first night all to myself where I could practice. Only issue I found is…what do I practice? I have no idea where to start. I spent about 15 minutes or so teaching myself the strings and strengthening my right hand a little. Building some coordination. This is hardly a start but I realized I needed to do more research. I found a site that looks like it is going to be really helpful. Study Bass. This won’t be enough though. I’m going to play around and go through these lessons for a little bit, but after I learn the basics, I’m going to need to get lessons.


Getting set up

4 Aug

I went shopping last night. Got all the supplies I needed to start. I went the cheap way and bought a used amp. Nothing wrong with that! It’s a 20 watt amp and it only cost me 50 bucks.

I sat down with my friend Michaela and she began to teach me some basics. How to hold the bass, how to pluck the strings, how to work my way around the fret board, and then some basics on how to read tabs. I played around for a while but nothing too serious. Today will be more of a lesson. I felt way too pressured with watching eyes. Luckily I am privileged to have 30-45 minutes alone every day when I get home from work. This will be my class time.

My first Bass

3 Aug

I’ve been considering it for a while. Almost a year actually. They say if you want something, and you wait 30 days and still feel like you need it, you really want it. I really want to learn bass. There’s just something about it. Its fun. It’s smooth. It’s a happy place between string and percussion. It’s groove. Bands can do without a guitarist. They need a bassist.
I want to learn. I want to challenge myself. I want to prove that I can do something hard. I need to better myself. As of right now I have no hobbies. None. I come home every day, put on a tv show, and that’s it. No fulfillment at all. No bettering myself. No challenge whatsoever. My life is boring. Well, today that all changed. I got my first bass guitar. It’s a beautiful used black Ibanez gsr190. I’ve been hesitating for a long time because I didn’t have the money to invest in starting this new hobby. That’s why this guitar is so special. My girlfriend heard me talking constantly about how much I wanted to start learning. She bought it for me on a whim. I love her.

So my journey starts here. My mission is simple. I am starting from zero knowledge and I am going to spend a year learning bass. I’m going to practice 30 minutes every day. My goal is to, in one years time, gain enough knowledge to be able to play with a group.