My first Bass

3 Aug

I’ve been considering it for a while. Almost a year actually. They say if you want something, and you wait 30 days and still feel like you need it, you really want it. I really want to learn bass. There’s just something about it. Its fun. It’s smooth. It’s a happy place between string and percussion. It’s groove. Bands can do without a guitarist. They need a bassist.
I want to learn. I want to challenge myself. I want to prove that I can do something hard. I need to better myself. As of right now I have no hobbies. None. I come home every day, put on a tv show, and that’s it. No fulfillment at all. No bettering myself. No challenge whatsoever. My life is boring. Well, today that all changed. I got my first bass guitar. It’s a beautiful used black Ibanez gsr190. I’ve been hesitating for a long time because I didn’t have the money to invest in starting this new hobby. That’s why this guitar is so special. My girlfriend heard me talking constantly about how much I wanted to start learning. She bought it for me on a whim. I love her.

So my journey starts here. My mission is simple. I am starting from zero knowledge and I am going to spend a year learning bass. I’m going to practice 30 minutes every day. My goal is to, in one years time, gain enough knowledge to be able to play with a group.


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